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KBibEditEntryDlg Class Reference

#include <kbibeditentrydlg.h>

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Detailed Description

Thach Nguyen

Definition at line 51 of file kbibeditentrydlg.h.

Public Slots

void slotCreateKey ()
void slotEntryTypeChange (int)
void slotLockKey ()
void slotTabChanged ()

Public Member Functions

void accept (void)
BibEntrygetBibEntry (void)
BibEntrygetEditedBibEntry (void)
 KBibEditEntryDlg (BibEntry *entry=0, QWidget *parent=0, const char *name=0)
void updateContent (BibEntry *entry)
void updateDlg (QString entryTypeName)

Private Slots

void slotExtraFieldAdd ()
void slotExtraFieldDelete ()
void slotExtraFieldEdit ()
void slotExtraFielItemRenamed (QListViewItem *item, int col, const QString &text)
void updateExtraFieldGUI ()

Private Attributes

KTextEdit * abstractEdit
QLabel * abstractLabel
QWidget * abstractPage
QPushButton * createKeyBttn
QPushButton * editTypeBttn
QLabel * entryTypeLabel
QComboBox * entryTypeSelect
KPushButton * extraFieldAddBtn
KPushButton * extraFieldDeleteBtn
KPushButton * extraFieldEditBtn
QListView * extraFieldView
int fieldIdx
KLineEdit * keyField
QLabel * keyLabel
QPushButton * lockKeyBttn
QTabWidget * mainTab
KTextEdit * noteEdit
QLabel * noteLabel
QGroupBox * optBox
QPtrList< GUI::FieldWidgetoptFields
QVBoxLayout * optLayout
QScrollView * optScrollView
QTabWidget * optTab
int prevTabIndex
QTabWidget * reqTab
QGroupBox * rqBox
QPtrList< GUI::FieldWidgetrqFields
QVBoxLayout * rqLayout
QScrollView * rqScrollView
KTextEdit * sourceEdit

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