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KBibDoc Class Reference

#include <kbibdoc.h>

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Detailed Description

KBibDoc provides a document object for a document-view model.

The KBibDoc class provides a document object that can be used in conjunction with the classes KBibApp and KBibView to create a document-view model for standard KDE applications based on KApplication and KMainWindow. Thereby, the document object is created by the KBibApp instance and contains the document structure with the according methods for manipulation of the document data by KBibView objects. Also, KBibDoc contains the methods for serialization of the document data from and to files.

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Definition at line 50 of file kbibdoc.h.

Public Member Functions

void addEntry (BibEntry *, bool ignoreExisting=false, bool fixDuplicatedKey=false)
void addGroupView (KBibGroupView *view)
void addListView (KBibListView *view)
void closeDocument ()
void createKeys (const QString connectingString="")
void deleteContents ()
int deleteEntry (vector< int > *i)
int deleteEntry (int i)
BibEntryeditEntry (BibEntry *xentry)
BibEntrygetEntry (int i)
BibentryTable * getEntryList (void)
const KURL & getURL () const
QStringList getValueList (QString fn)
int importBibTexFile (const QString fn, bool import, bool notInsertExisting)
bool isModified ()
 KBibDoc (QWidget *parent, const char *name=0)
bool modifyEntry (int index)
bool newDocument ()
bool newEntry ()
bool openDocument (const KURL url_, bool import=false)
void paste (QString str)
int removeDuplicated (void)
bool saveDocument (const KURL &url_)
bool saveModified ()
int search_string (char *, int first, int att, int opt)
int searchKey (const QString st, int start=0)
void setModified (bool _m=true)
void setURL (const KURL &url)
int size (void)
void sort (int ascending, QString st)
 ~KBibDoc ()

Private Attributes

BibentryTable * entry_list
KURL m_url
bool modified

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