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BibEntry Class Reference

#include <bibentry.h>

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Detailed Description

Thach Nguyen

Definition at line 30 of file bibentry.h.

Public Member Functions

void allowExtraField ()
 BibEntry (BibEntry &)
 Copy constructor.
 BibEntry (const QString entrytype, const QString key)
void clearExtraField (void)
int createKey (QString connectingString=QString::fromLatin1(""))
QString getEntryType () const
QString getExtField (int) const
QString getField (const QString) const
QString getField (int) const
QString getFieldName (int) const
int getIndex ()
QString getKey () const
int getNoExtraFields () const
int getNoFields () const
int getNoOptFields () const
int getNoReqFields () const
QString getOptField (int) const
QString getReqField (int) const
BibEntryoperator= (BibEntry &)
bool replaceString (bool allField, QString field, QString oldString, QString newString)
void setEntryType (QString)
void setField (QString fieldName, QString)
void setField (int, QString)
void setFields (BibEntry &)
void setIndex (int)
void setKey (QString k)
void setStringMacroIndicator (QString fieldName, bool s)
void setStringMacroIndicator (int idx, bool s)
bool stringMacroIndicator (QString fieldName)
bool stringMacroIndicator (int fieldIdx)

Protected Attributes

bool allow_extra
bool * asStringMacro
BibEntryDef * def
QMap< QString, QString > extra_field
QMap< QString, bool > extra_field_string_macro
QString key
int nextra
QString * opt_field
QString * req_field

Private Attributes

int index

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